The computing curriculum is essential in developing children’s skills to access the modern world which is surrounded with Technology. In order to equip children it is important to develop their thinking skills and expose them to a range of technology. The National Curriculum for Computing 2014 is broken down into Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Online Safety. These areas of Computing are taught discretely and explicitly across the school.

Computer Science involves programming and coding, children have to use logical skills to identify problems, predict what will happen and find a solution. This is taught through simple operational games, Bee Bots, Scratch Jr, Scratch and Turtle Logo.

Digital Literacy involves the use of a range of technologies, having the skills to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content. Within this basic computer skills are taught, understanding a variety of software and being creative. There is also opportunity for them to develop and refine other computer life skills such as typing, word processing, data handling, creating and editing pictures and presentations, developing webpages.

At Edgar Sewter we are committed to Online Safety for children. Children are taught to use technology safely and respectfully, to keep personal information private, know where to go for help if they have concerns about content or contact on the Internet or other technologies. Online Safety is repeated throughout the year and taught ongoing.

Below shows a curriculum coverage outline for Computing.

Computing Long Term plan 2018-20

This year we will be offering a Computing Club aimed at KS2 which involves using “Scratch” programming. Hopefully we will then be able to have the opportunity to progress to involving other schools with the work that we will do and enter competitions within this field.