Eco Council 2019-2020

We are very excited to have re-formed our Eco Council this year. The Council is made up of pupils from each class from Year 1 – Year 6  who are voted in by their class.

The aim of the Eco Council is to help the school develop as an Eco School. At Edgar Sewter we are going to try our best to remember to switch off lights when we are not in rooms, switch off computers and monitors when we are not using them. The children will monitor this and remind us all.  Maybe you could have a go at home too! 

We will be following the Eco-schools Seven Steps to begin our journey towards becoming a Green Flag school.  Eco councillors will be involved in monitoring our energy output as a school and will be helping to maintain our existing initiatives such as using recycling bins in classrooms, taking part in the Terracycle schemes to recycle snack packaging and teeth-cleaning products. More information can be found here: Eco School How it Works

Watch this space for more Eco initiatives after our first meeting later this term.

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