Vision for reading:

Here at Edgar Sewter Primary School, we aim to engender a lifelong love of reading. Children are encouraged to read a wide variety of genres both through the teaching of reading and through reading for pleasure. Our books nooks and main library are available to the children to choose age appropriate and interest appropriate books for all children. Our intent is that our pupils will be both independent and reflective readers who can read fluently and with understanding to enable them to access all areas of learning as well as a means to relax, be entertained and be informed.

Vision for speaking and listening:

Oracy is at the heart of all learning as it enables us to communicate with others effectively for a variety of purposes. At Edgar Sewter, we believe that the ability to both speak and listen well is essential for children to be able to articulate their feelings, opinions and ideas. Alongside this, the children are encouraged to value the thoughts and opinions of others, treating everyone with respect and integrity.

Vision for writing:

Pupils are taught to become writers through exciting, inspiring and original opportunities which support and challenge them. Our approach will enable them to become confident, capable and enthusiastic writers who develop a love writing. Our children use writing to express themselves, communicate with others and write independently for a range of purposes. They reflect on their own writing as well as that of others and understand that they ARE authors and have control over word choices and style.

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