Our Maths Vision – updated November 2019

The school follows the National Curriculum which was last updated in December 2014.  In addition to this, teachers from our school, along with those across the pyramid, use White Rose to support their planning.

At Edgar Sewter, we teach all children to be efficient and successful mathematicians who are able to reason and problem solve.

Our mathematical curriculum ensures that children have a full conceptual understanding of mathematics.   Every time a new concept is introduced  we teach using the CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) approach.  We begin our learning using CONCRETE resources such as Numicon, Base 10, Multilink and place value counters to explore underlying concepts.   When children are ready, they will use a PICTORIAL representation to develop their understanding (referring back to the concrete resources used).  The final stage moves the children on to an  ABSTRACT  method where they will use numbers and symbols to represent their maths learning.  Some children may spend longer on each of the concrete or pictorial stages to ensure their understanding is secure.

Examples of the link between concrete, pictorial and abstract can be seen on our Pyramid Calculation Policy (showing methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) which was published in November 2017.

The children have a daily math’s lesson and in KS1 and KS2 there is a regular, short Math’s Meeting to revisit topics to keep skills sharp!  Reception deliver 3 specific Maths inputs each week and have mathematical activities and enquiry ongoing at all times. As in Reception, Nursery have mathematical enquiry ongoing and available at all times.

Numeracy is used throughout the curriculum when appropriate.

Maths Standards Sheets showing expectations for each year group

 Year 1    Year 2       Year 3   Year 4     Year 5    Year 6

 Prompt sheets for Mega Maths