We offer full day sessions from 8.45am to 3.30pm (term time only).

The day will consist of 2 sessions and a 45 minute lunch:

8.45-11.45am – Morning session

11.45 – 12.30pm – Lunch

12.30- 3.30 pm – Afternoon session

Alternatively, we offer 15 hour places. Sessions run Monday-Friday 8.45-11.45am or Monday -Friday 12.30-3.30pm. Depending upon availability, you can choose whether your child will attend mornings or afternoons. Please see below our payment of fees policy.

For more information or to arrange a tour of the nursery please call the office on 01968 873194

Edgar Sewter Primary School payment of fees policy

Nursery Admissions Policy 2017

Welcome to Nursery – September 2019

 We are so pleased to welcome you and your child to our Nursery and we are really looking forward to getting to know you and your child over the coming weeks.


Miss Chillingworth – Nursery Teacher

Mrs Page – Nursery Nurse

Mrs Henderson – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Burrows – Teaching Assistant

Miss Goodson – Lunch Club Assistant

Developing Independence

We plan very carefully so children have opportunities to be as independent as possible. Please encourage your child to take responsibility for doing their own jobs when they arrive at Nursery

Nursery Routine


8.45/12.30                   Arrive and say ‘hello’. Children find their name card to

self-register, book bags in box, lunch bag in box,

drink bottle and snack pot in tray, coat on peg,

spare clothes bag on peg. Access the activities.


9.00/12.45                   Registration and short input session


9.15/1.00                     Adult-led activities, child-initiated activities, outdoor play and snack area.


11.15/3.00                   Tidy up time


11.25/3.10                   Story time/singing/sharing children’s learning on Tapestry and celebrating

children’s achievements


11.40/3.20                   Preparing for lunch/home time


11.45/3.30                   Home time (Children will be brought to the gate with all their belongings)

Collection of children

It is vital that you complete the collection permission form and inform us of any changes or additional names of family or friends you give permission to collect your child. Please let us know at the start of each session if someone different is collecting your child, even if they are on the permission form. We will record this in our daily message book.

Please bring these items to Nursery every day:

  • Book bag
  • Drink bottle with water
  • Named small container with healthy snack (optional)
  • Bag containing spare clothes, wipes and if necessary nappies/pull-ups
  • Packed lunch in named bag if staying for lunch
  • A warm coat in cooler weather/sun hat in warmer weather

All About Me boxes

We are looking forward to sharing these with the children so please bring them to Nursery when you can.

Snack Time

Children are provided with free fruit and milk every day. Water is also freely available at child height level so they can access it independently. If you would like to compliment this with an additional healthy snack, please send it in a named container each day and put it in the purple tray in the Snack area. Chocolate, sweets and crisps are not permittable.

Outdoor Play

The children have free-flow access to our wonderful outdoor area throughout the whole year.

Please could children have a pair of named welly boots to keep at school as they will require them when accessing the outdoor area.

Other helpful information

Uniform – Please name everything including shoes as a huge amount of school uniform is accumulated each year without any names to identify the owner. Pen often washes off labels after a while so please check regularly. We always return found items to the children’s coat pegs, but can only do this if they are named.

First Aid – If your child receives first aid during the session, we will always record this and put a note in your child’s book bag. If it is a more serious incident, we will of course contact you as well. Please ensure the school office is informed of your up-to-date contact details.

Attendance – Please inform us and the school office about your child’s absence from Nursery. The school office will ring home each day a child is absent if not informed.

Sickness and Diarrhoea – The school policy is for children who have been sick or had diarrhoea need to wait 48hrs before returning to school.

If your child requires help after a toilet accident or their nappy changed, we record this and also put a note in your child’s bag. Please check daily.

My School App – School messages and reminders are posted on this app daily. Important dates for your diary are also listed on the Calendar. Please ask if you need help downloading this app.

Tapestry Online Learning Journals – We work really hard to record the childrens learning and progress and regularly upload this to Tapestry. This helps us to plan for the childrens next steps in their learning as well as share their learning with you. We really appreciate comments and ‘likes’ as it helps us to know you have seen the observation. If you need any help to upload your own observations and photos of home learning experiences, please ask and we’ll be very happy to help.

30hrs Funding – Please speak to the school office if you would like to take up the 30hr funding.

Lunch Club – We run a daily Lunch Club where children can eat their packed lunch at school. Please let us know if you would like your child to have a place. Morning children can stay and be collected at 12.30pm and Afternoon children can join us from 11.45am.

Please let us know if there is any other information you require and we’ll be happy to help.

Miss Chillingworth and the Nursery team

Printable copy below:

2019-09-04 Nursery welcome Newsletter

2019-11-11 Nursery half termly Newsletter

Knowledge Organiser Term 2