We offer full day sessions from 8.45am to 3.30pm (term time only).

The day will consist of 2 sessions and a 45 minute lunch:

8.45-11.45am – Morning session

11.45 – 12.30pm – Lunch

12.30- 3.30 pm – Afternoon session

Alternatively, we offer 15 hour places. Sessions run Monday-Friday 8.45-11.45am or Monday -Friday 12.30-3.30pm. Depending upon availability, you can choose whether your child will attend mornings or afternoons. Please see below our payment of fees policy.

For more information or to arrange a tour of the nursery please call the office on 01968 873194

Edgar Sewter Primary School payment of fees policy

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Nursery Newsletter: Monday 4th March 2019

Topic: If you go down to the woods today

Last week the children returned after half term excited and ready to join in with all the activities on offer. They have quickly adapted to the new staffing arrangements following Mrs Todd going on maternity leave and I’ve been busy learning everyone’s names! We’ve had a brilliant week getting know each other and the children have tried hard to remember my name too.

Last week’s learning opportunities:

Expressive Arts and Design

The children were introduced to ‘Freddie the Frog’, my soft toy who joins us during our new weekly Rhythm & Rhyme sessions. They enjoyed looking after him as we used the claves (tapping sticks) and sang songs together. The children also enjoyed exploring our newly developed creative area which provides them independent access to collage materials, junk modelling, glue etc. so they can create their own pictures and models.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We looked closely at the photographs Mrs Todd sent of her lovely new baby and talked about what we could see. We then all drew a special picture to send to her so she could display it next to his cot.


We celebrated the 100th day of school on Tuesday and the children were keen to show us their collections of a 100 items as well as their number themed clothes. A game of frog skittles was enjoyed by all and provided opportunities to count, record numbers as well as take turns fairly.


We have been practising writing our name using our new name cards as well as trying to remember to write it on our drawings, paintings and collage pictures so they don’t get lost.

Learning opportunities planned for the week ahead:

Focus book: ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ by Jez Alborough

Creating a wood/forest display in our book corner

Comparing and ordering different sized teddies

Making and eating pancakes for snack on Shrove Tuesday (5th March)

Suggestions for Home

  • Compare the sizes of teddies/soft toys at home. Which is the biggest/smallest?
  • Explore the trees in the park. What does the bark feel like?
  • Discuss favourite pancake fillings e.g. jam, lemon, syrup?

Please upload your pictures for Tapestry as it’s great to add your child’s home experiences to their Learning Journey. If you need any help please ask and we’ll support with this

Snack Payments for Spring Term 2

Snack will be £3 this half-term. Alternatively, it can be paid weekly at 50p per week.

Show and Tell every Friday- Please name your items and avoid sending in valuable toys. Topic related objects/photographs are much more interesting to share. A ‘Show and Tell’ box is placed near the door for you to store your items until circle time.

Dates for your diary:

Monday 4th March: Class photographs. Afternoon children are invited to come to the school office at 8.45am so they can be included as the photographer will not be in school during the afternoon. They will then attend the afternoon nursery session as usual.

Wednesday 6th March: ‘Stay and Play’ for parents and carers. We will have a general stay and play and then a short singing session to introduce ‘Bookstart Rhyme Challenge’.

Morning session: 9:00-10:00am

Afternoon session 2:15-3:15pm.

Parents and carers of full-time children are welcome to attend either session.

Please could you let us know which session you are planning to attend. Thank you.


Thursday 7th March: World Book Day. Dress up as a character from a book of your choice.


Miss Chillingworth and the nursery team

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