We offer full day sessions from 8.45am to 3.30pm (term time only).

The day will consist of 2 sessions and a 45 minute lunch:

8.45-11.45am – Morning session

11.45 – 12.30pm – Lunch

12.30- 3.30 pm – Afternoon session

Alternatively, we offer 15 hour places. Sessions run Monday-Friday 8.45-11.45am or Monday -Friday 12.30-3.30pm. Depending upon availability, you can choose whether your child will attend mornings or afternoons. Please see below our payment of fees policy.

For more information or to arrange a tour of the nursery please call the office on 01968 873194

Edgar Sewter Primary School payment of fees policy

Nursery Admissions Policy 2017


Saplings Nursery

Topic: Nursery Rhymes 

Nursery Newsletter : 11/01/2019

The children had a brilliant first week back and enjoyed ‘Pet Week’. A huge thank you to the parents and carers who brought animals into nursery for a hands-on, ‘Show and Tell’ session. We had the pleasure of inviting Dino the bearded dragon, Bertina the guinea pig, patchy the Shetland pony and Toffee the tortoise into class.

We continue to use our core book  ‘Aaaarrgghh Spider’ by Lydia Monks to explore our mini topic of ‘Spiders’.  The book is about a Spider who desperately wants to be a family pet. Unfortunately the household she lives in are all petrified of her! Every time she attempts to show them what a great pet she would make, the family scream, ”AAAARRGGHH, SPIDER!”


Expressive Arts and Design

We made fingerprint spiders using paint, adding features using pen and collage pieces.


We created our half-termly portraits for our folders and practised copying our name. We talked about the correct tripod pencil grip that we should use and aimed to form our letters correctly.


We practised our counting, finding the totals of spiders legs and other small insects.

Suggestions for Home

Draw your pet or your dream pet. Underneath, can you practise labelling your picture with your name (by copying the letters). You could also try writing the name and type of the animal. Do you recognise any letters that you have written? Can you hear the initial phoneme (first spoken sound in the word e.g ‘t’ for tortoise)? Please upload  your pictures for Tapestry.

Parent Mail

If you have not done so already, please e-mail the school Office so that they have an up to date e-mail address from you. Please inform them that you would like to sign-up for Parent Mail and they will happily send you a link. A downloadable APP  is available for mobile phones. This will be the new way in which Parent’s Evening appointments will be booked and school dinner money e.t.c will be paid. Please see Mrs Todd if you are experiencing problems with this.


What I need at nursery daily:

  • Named wellies
  • A waterproof coat
  • Book bag
  • Home-school book
  • Spare clothes bag (this does not need to be nursery uniform)
  • plimsolls

Book bags should be stored in the labelled boxes (Part-time girls, part-time boys, full-time children). Please ask a member of staff if you are unsure of where to locate. Please feel free to personalise book bags with familiar key rings or add stickers to their name label. This helps to ensure that they go home with the correct owner at the end of the session.

Keeping Warm and Dry

If children have all-in-one waterproof suits or trousers at home, it would be fabulous if they could bring them into Nursery whilst the weather is so wet. Coats, scarves and gloves are essential, as we venture outside daily in all weathers. Please avoid sending children to Nursery, in just a school fleece, as this is not waterproof and is not a coat. Many thanks for your cooperation with this.

Snack Payments for Spring Term A

Snack will be £3.oo this half-term. Alternatively, it can be paid weekly at 50p per week. A folder is kept near the entrance, along with a tick list and a pot for you to post your money. Please indicate to show that you have made a payment.

Show and Tell every Friday- Please name your items and avoid sending in valuable toys. Topic related objects/photographs are much more interesting to share. A ‘Show and Tell’ box will be placed near the door for you to store your items until circle time.



Reception Applications 15th January 2019- Deadline for Reception applications for September 2019 (please note, this is an online form)

Online form can be found at…..

15th January 2019: ‘Stay and Play’ for parents and carers. The morning session will be from 9:00-10:00am and the afternoon session will be from 2:15-3:15pm.  Parents and carers of full-time children are welcome to attend either.

22nd and 24th January 2019: Nursery Parents Evening with the rest of the school

15th February 2019: Wear your favourite shoes to school day! £1

18th February 2019: Half-Term

Enjoy your weekend,

Mrs Todd and the nursery team


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