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Parents evening Wed 25th April and Thursday 26th April.

Please can every child bring an old white t-shirt to school for tie dying in Art!  It can be any size as it is just the white material that we need.

Topic and Homework

This term’s topic is ‘The Seaside’.

Topic Web Plan: click on this link to see our ideas and plans: Seaside topic web

There are many expectations  to fulfil in Year 1 and Year 2 below are the standards that the pupils should meet by the end of the year.

Maths Year 1 Standards

Maths Year 2 standards

Reading Year 1 Standards

Reading Year 2 Standards

Writing Year 1 Standards

Writing Year 2 Standards

Our Cursive Handwriting letters; T-L-5931-Cursive-Alphabet-Letter-Formation-Poster-Upper-and-Lower-Case

Letters and Sounds

These are the sounds that all the children should know;

Phase 2 sound mat

Phase 3 sound mat

phase 5 mat

By the end of Year 1 all pupils should know all of these sounds.  They should be able to decode and blend sounds to read and write words that use all of the sounds included on the mats above.

Example of the Year 1 Phonics Screening Test (Pupils in Year 1 are tested in June); Phonics Screening Example


This half term your homework is to make an underwater sea scene.  It can be a 3d model or a 2d painting/collage.  It can be made out of whatever materials you would like and it can be as big or as little as you like.  This homework will stay up for the whole half term so you have plenty of time to make them.  You can hand them in whenever you would like before the end of the half term.

For ideas; Imagination Tree Sea Craft Ideas

Thank you for the brilliant performances we have had sent to us.  We have really enjoyed watching them.  They have also been sent to Miss Whatling as Music Leader in the school.

Big Write

The next Big Write is Friday 4th May.

Big Write Friday 4th May


Spelling tests are MONDAYS.  Next test Monday 23rd April.

Year 1 Spellings; Spelling Homework Year 1 16th April

Year 2 Spellings; Spelling Homework Year 2 16th April

(Your child’s spellings may be different to another child’s spellings in the same class.  Please do not compare. Address any queries to the class teacher please)

If your child is in Mr Dalley’s class their spellings may be different to the spellings below, please check with him if you need another copy.

The children will be regularly tested on common exception words so it will be worthwhile practising these regularly.


Support for spelling

Thank you

The KS1 Team

Things I need at school

Authorised Adults Sheet  ES parent sign up sheet





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