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Wednesday 11th July Stay and Play 9.15am

Strange request but we need lots of ladies tights, denier ones not wool/knitted ones and yoghurt pots.  This is for making grass heads.  We will be making these TOMORROW at Stay and Play.

Topic and Homework

This term’s topic is ‘The Seaside’.

Topic Web Plan: click on this link to see our ideas and plans: Seaside topic web

There are many expectations  to fulfil in Year 1 and Year 2 below are the standards that the pupils should meet by the end of the year.

Maths Year 1 Standards

Maths Year 2 standards

Reading Year 1 Standards

Reading Year 2 Standards

Writing Year 1 Standards

Writing Year 2 Standards

Multiplication game  Hit the Button

Example of our cursive handwriting can be found on this link: Cursive Handwriting

Letters and Sounds

These are the sounds that all the children should know;

Phase 2 sound mat

Phase 3 sound mat

phase 5 mat

By the end of Year 1 all pupils should know all of these sounds.  They should be able to decode and blend sounds to read and write words that use all of the sounds included on the mats above.

Example of the Year 1 Phonics Screening Test (Pupils in Year 1 are tested in June); Phonics Screening Example

The phonics tests will happen the week of 11th June.


This half term we would like you to write a letter to your teacher.  We would like you to spend your time thinking and writing your letter as we would like it to reflect many things.  You can type your letter if you want to.  You could ask an adult to write it with you and then copy it.

Your letter needs to describe your year in Year 1 or Year 2.  We would like to know what your favourite thing was and why, what your favourite lessons have been and why, what you didn’t enjoy so much and why.  It would also be nice to make a wish too.  You could wish for something that you think would make Year 1 and Year 2 better for the next pupils.  We can not accommodate a classroom with a slide that goes into a swimming pool for relaxing in but if you wanted more homework we could accommodate that one!!

Don’t write your letter yet, lets enjoy the rest of the year together, but if you would like to write a letter you can deliver them in the last two weeks of term, you never know you may get a reply!


Big Write

This will continue next year.


Spelling tests are MONDAYS.

Year 1 Spellings;

Year 2 Spellings;

(Your child’s spellings may be different to another child’s spellings in the same class.  Please do not compare. Address any queries to the class teacher please)

If your child is in Mr Dalley’s class their spellings may be different to the spellings below, please check with him if you need another copy.

The children will be regularly tested on common exception words so it will be worthwhile practising these regularly.

Year 1 Common Exception words; Year 1 common exception word list

Year 2 Common Exception words;Year 2 common exception word list

Support for spelling

Thank you

The KS1 Team

Things I need at school

Authorised Adults Sheet  ES parent sign up sheet



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