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Parents please watch!  Are your children on Tik Tok?

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Momo Challenge Parent information


Online Safety is about staying safe on the internet. Internet enabled devices such as computers, tablets and smart phones, watches and more up to date technology offer lots of new opportunities, but also present new risks.

In school we proactively filter internet access to ensure that the children are not exposed to any inappropriate or adult material. If you are a customer of BT, Sky, TalkTalk or Virgin Media you can follow this guide;

Video Guides to Parental Controls – Video Guides from the 4 big internet providers – BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin – for parents to set up parental controls at home

National On Line Safety Guides for Parents

Digital Parenting magazine archive link

A Quick E Safety Guide for Parents

Resource area for Parents and carers on the UK Safer Internet Centre website

Parents’ Guide to Technology – advice on safety for a range of internet devices smartphones, gaming devices, tablets

If your child uses social media or other apps please read the following guidance from UK’s Council for Child Internet Safety

Fortnite Factsheet for Parents

5 Internet Safety Tips for Kids

E-Safety Tips for Parents: 6-10

Our children are savvy. They know how to use technology often better than we do. The websites that they are interested in change so frequently that we lose touch with what they are doing. They become fashionable to their peer groups, especially the social networking sites. Also we are finding that many KS2 pupils have Instagram accounts. May we remind you that “Instagram” states: You must be at least 13 years old. Also please check the Pegi rating for games that they are playing, remember 18 is there for a reason, it has inappropriate content and aimed at over 18.

Pegi Rating information 

If your child has social media accounts, we urge you to watch the below link;

Jigsaw for 8-10 year olds

You can find an age-appropriate social network that your kids will love and you can approve of. Your kids will like them better than Facebook, and you’ll rest easy knowing they’re protected.

Some things you could do or think about…..

Tips for talking to your child about online safety

Talk to your child about their favourite websites. Remember to start the conversation on a positive foot. This can lead into a chat about online safety.
If your child loves to use social networking sites, teach them about protecting their personal information by thinking about what they are sharing and who they are sharing it with. These sites encourage them to provide their correct identity. So it is important that you show them how to use privacy settings, and how to block and report – and advise them to only accept friend requests from people they know in real life.
Remind your child that showing respect for others online is just as important as showing it offline. Encourage them to think before they post and encourage them to show positive behaviour online.
There are lots of ways you can advise your child about cyberbullying, if they are worried remind them to save the evidence and to always tell an adult they trust if something upsets them online. Most sites have an internet safety button they can use to report any incidents. We also have one at the bottom of our school website.

Kidsmart -This is were you learn more about the internet and being a SMART surfer online.


Safe Internet Centre

Advice for parents and carers from CEOP

Think You Know  

Band Runner Games 8-10 Year Olds     A great game for navigating though on line safety.


Interland Google Be Internet Legends

Find out about your: Digital Footprint

Barclays Life Skills

Use safe search engines like:


Safe Search For Kids


Junior Safe Search

Professionals Online Safety Helpline – helpline for professionals working with children and young people (teachers, social workers, youth workers, police, early years etc) which provides support with resolving online issues such as cyber bullying, reporting of abusive content, online reputation and so on.

Facebook tips on managing privacy and reporting on Facebook. Hard copies can be ordered here 

Guide to Facebook Graph Search

Resourses about Sexting preventative (Picture This) & post-incident (So You Got Naked Online). Hard copies to be ordered here


Resource area for Parents and carers on the UK Safer Internet Centre website

Parents’ Guide to Technology – advice on safety for a range of internet devices smartphones, gaming devices, tablets

Ask.fm short film from Ask.fm with tips on using the site’s safety features.

Guide to Facebook Graph Search

Instagram advice

Guide to the Wonderful World of the web – tips for parents. Club Penguin

BBFC – Advice and info from the British Board of Film Classification on how they age rate films and online content.

Family Lives  organisation which supports parents and runs a helpline for parents.

The Parent Zone – an organisation supporting parents and families.

PitDA – Parenting in the Digital Age – a new website from The Parent zone.

Phonebrain from PayphonePlus – advice for parents on apps, and premiun rate services on mobile phones.

ParentPort: – run by UK’s media regulators, information about standards and protection of children from inappropriate material

Special Effect – Helping young people with disabilities to play games online.

Vodafone – Website and magazine format, downloadable and full of great advice and information for parents.