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Special Educational Needs

Edgar Sewter Primary School values the individual needs and achievements of all of our pupils and is committed to providing each and every one with the best possible opportunities for learning. Paediatrician

An overview of our schools SEND provision

We are an inclusive school, we aim to meet the individual needs of our children with communication and interaction, cognition and learning difficulties, social, emotional and mental health, sensory and/or physical needs or medical conditions. We offer a range of provision as set out below to support to meet the needs of our pupils. The range of support will be tailored to individual need following assessment by internal or external agencies and discussions with parents or carers, children and staff.

How we support children to access the curriculum

  • Our school SENCO, Miss Whatling, has overall responsibility for leading our provision for our children who have SEN. She works closely with all teachers and staff in school and is a point of contact for parents. We are an inclusive school All of our teachers are teachers of children who have SEN. All staff work together and have the opportunity for continuous professional development and training in a wide range of SEN areas.
  • Whole class screening, assessment and data analysis to support identification of children needing more support. Progress is closely monitored and discussed at half termly Pupil progress meetings with the class teacher and members of the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Teaching Assistant (TA) support in class, in small group work or on a 1:1 basis. Some TAs are trained in how best to support children with specific SEN.
  • We work closely with specialist schools or units and a wide range of services including Speech and Language, County Inclusive Support Service (CISS), Dyslexia Outreach Service, Ashley Outreach, The Early Years Team, Educational Psychologists and The Early Help Team. External agencies will carry out more in depth assessments of children.
  • The completion of one page profiles, next step plans and applications for Education Health Care Plans and annual reviews will be carried out as required.

Working with parents

We know that you know your child best and value the importance of working closely with you and your child. This will help us to ensure that we meet your child’s need most effectively.

  • As a collective, parents, children and staff work together to set targets and agree provision within school and at home to meet the specific needs of the child. Targets are then closely monitored and reviewed regularly with parents and the child themselves.
  • One page profiles are written in collaboration with children and parents. They include:
    • What people like and admire about the child.
    • What is important to the child.
    • How best to support the child.
    • Aspirations of the child for the future.
    • These documents are then shared with staff and external agencies working with the child to ensure every person is working together.
  • Mrs Ingold is available to provide pastoral support for parents and children.
  • We will write referrals for appointments with external organisations such as paediatricians and GPs.
  • We will attend multiagency meetings.

Specific SEN Provision

For those children that requiring additional support the following provision is available:

Communication and Interaction

Cognition and Learning

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Sensory and/or Physical



Links to Further Information:


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SEN INFORMATION REPORT Edgar Sewter Primary 2018