Ukulele Club

How exciting! A page for the Ukulele Club!

STAGE ONE – Ukulele basics and tuning    The ukulele sounds so much better when it’s in tune!

Practise strumming – running your right hand, up and down, over the strings.

STAGE TWO – Two chords F and C7, and your first song!  Apples and Bananas

Lots of practise needed to change between chords while strumming….

STAGE THREE – Another chord (C) and another song! Fantasy Football Team

STAGE-FOUR-Chord-G-using-3-fingers-and-more-songs…Meatball Song and Pay Me My Money Down

STAGE FIVE  Chords: G7, Am, Caug and two more songs You are my sunshine and MAMA MIA!


If you’re interested, there are lots of songs available online and you can find chord patterns with these.  If you need to find a chord pattern you can search for, ‘Ukulele chord…G7 etc’  or use this link for ukulele chords.

Let me know if there are any songs that you want to try in the club.