It is felt that the wearing of a school uniform gives young children a sense of belonging to the school community. The school dress is kept simply to the wearing of clothes of certain colours- grey, green and white, thus allowing purchase from any local shop or chain store. This means grey trousers or skirt, green sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan, plain white blouse, shirt or polo-shirt, and plain tights. All pupils must wear a sensible pair of black shoes.In summer girls can wear patterned green and white dresses and boys can wear grey shorts.The school also has its own sweatshirt, and T- shirt, with logo. These may be purchased from the Friends via the school office, and cost in the region of £5.00 and £8.00. A collection of good second-hand clothes is stored in school. Proceeds from the sale of these clothes go to the School Fund. Children will need plimsolls for P.E, preferably the slip-on variety, also shorts. Something to cover up with, for Art and Craft, is essential. An old shirt with shortened sleeves makes an ideal garment for messy work when worn back to front. A loop is needed for hanging on a peg. Please see that ALL items of clothing are clearly marked with the child’s name. Earrings are unsuitable wear in school, as they have been found dangerous during P.E lessons. Small sleepers with NO projections are acceptable alternatives and may be used if parents so wish.

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