Art and Design

Curriculum Intent

At Edgar Sewter School, we aim to provide a high quality, art and design education which promotes engagement, inspiration and challenge in all art and design experiences. These foundations are vital for children to develop their own human creativity. Lessons are carefully planned to give children the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art. Skills are taught in a progressive fashion, building upon pre-existing skills as children move between year groups.

By linking learning to a range of Cornerstones topics, children will encounter a broad range of learning opportunities, to passionately explore art and design from different cultures and art movements over time. Through comparative studies of art, children will learn to scrutinise and evaluate works of art, enabling them to develop a deeper understanding of the subject. Children will develop their understanding of how art and design shapes our history both at a community level and in the wider world outside our doorstep.

It is our aim for children to develop the following essential attributes to help them become artists and designers:

● Produce inspired, expressive and original artwork

● Explore and investigate their own ideas

● Record their experiences from first and second hand studies

● Become experienced at drawing, painting, sculpting

● Become proficient at general art, craft and design techniques

● Evaluate and analyse creative works using artistic vocabulary

● Know about great artists, art movements, craft makers and designers

● Understand historical and cultural developments of art forms