At Edgar Sewter Primary School, we follow the Cornerstones scheme of learning which builds cross-curriculum links. Our geography curriculum, allows the children to build, year on year, on previous knowledge/ skills, so at the end of their primary school journey they have a broad and in-depth understanding of their own local community and that of the wider world, making links and comparisons.

The children develop a secure understanding of geographical terms/ vocabulary, features and locational knowledge as well as the impact the environment/ lifestyles have on different societies/ cultures and how this can impact on their own lives.

Our aim is to

- Nurture and inspire a love of geography

- Ensure ALL children have access to the curriculum

- Develop an understanding of the importance of geography on their own ‘little patch’ and the wider world

- Inspire an interest in the world around them

To ensure this happens we will

- Teach with a passion and nurture all to achieve and flourish in this subject

- Differentiate lessons as and when needed

- Forge links with the local community and wider world through visits and visitors

This will give

- The children a greater understanding of the world, culture, societies ad communities both local and further afield.

- The children the confidence and ability to talk about geography and the impact of their actions.

At Edgar Sewter Primary School, everyone will use inspiring language and lessons will be taught to engage a whole school of geographers.