Curriculum overview

welcome to our learning curriculum!

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Curriculum Intent

At Edgar Sewter Primary, we firmly believe in the importance of educating the whole child. As

such, we have decided that today, tomorrow and in the future, we will be better at developing:

Our Local Community within the Wider World

Embracing our local heritage: inspiring pupils by finding out what is all around us and why; then using this to ensure that we are a positive contributor to the local infrastructure by joining in with, and inviting people in to support us with learning and development opportunities – ensuring that we flourish in our worlds. 

Emotional and Social Awareness

Raising awareness of societal issues: engaging with democratic processes, nurturing pupils to gain greater understanding of, and confidence in sharing views, (and respecting those of others), opinions and discussions with our peers and other members of our society. 

New Possibilities

Being the best that we can be for the modern world: by fully understanding our place in wider society, and accepting and embracing the positions of others, whilst persevering and doing our very best to ensure that we achieve a bright future for ourselves and future generations on this planet. 

EDGAR sEWTER pRIMARY School is committed to meeting and exceeding the requirements of the primary National Curriculum.

Our expertly written schemes of work reflect the content and challenge of the curriculum. Teachers receive ongoing training in key areas of the curriculum and provide outstanding curriculum provision.

Reading, Writing and Mathematics are core components of our curriculum offer, taught alongside a broad range of foundation subjects. The school has adopted White Rose mathematics, Cornerstones and other carefully chosen schemes of work to create our curriculum. Learning is well sequenced and deliberately challenging. 

The curriculum is taught with consideration for the needs of all learners. Our curriculum is exciting. It inspires children and nurtures a passion for learning.

We assess children throughout their learning, regularly checking for understanding and retention.

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