Curriculum overview

welcome to our learning curriculum!

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Curriculum Intent

  • Empower the children to develop their knowledge and skills so that they can protect and appreciate our local community, the wider community and the planet for the future to come. (Community in the wider world)

  • Create confident, articulate, lifelong learners who can show empathy and compassion towards others. (Emotional and social awareness)

  • Develop inquisitive; independent; imaginative and determined individuals who are not deterred by difficulty, and aspire without limit. (New possibilities)

At Edgar Sewter Primary, we firmly believe in the importance of educating the whole child. As

such, we have decided that today, tomorrow and in the future, we will be better at developing:

Our Local Community within the Wider World

We believe in the power of the school community to change and enhance lives. The local

community and local people are embraced to enhance our curriculum. Additionally, our children

need to know about and understand the world that is beyond the immediate doorstep; they need

opportunities to experience the richness of its diversity and show they care about its

management and sustainability to ensure that there is a bright future for ourselves and future

generations on this planet.

Emotional and Social Awareness

Our Curriculum will provide opportunities for children to learn to respect and appreciate the

diversity of an ever changing society. We aim to nurture confident, independent children who

are able to make responsible choices and have the ability to show empathy and compassion

towards others. Furthermore, by developing our knowledge of the different learning powers, we

can become confident, articulate life long learners.

New Possibilities

It is vital that we nurture the natural curiosity of our children, enabling them to become

independent in thought and action and encourage them to imagine, enquire and become

increasingly enterprising. We will give children opportunities to think critically, by solving

problems and making choices. We strive to broaden our children’s horizons, expanding their

knowledge of the world of work by nurturing their interests as well as encouraging fearlessness

of what is new or unknown.

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