School Uniform

All uniform can be ordered online with the option for home delivery or delivery to the school.

All uniform must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and class.

We recommend clothing labels from Stikins. When ordering please use our School Fundraising Number: 6607.


White / Green Polo Shirt

Grey Shorts or Trousers

Green Jumper

Dark Socks

Black Shoes


White / Green Polo Shirt

Grey Skirt / Pinafore Dress, Shorts or Trousers

Green Jumper / Cardigan

Grey Tights / Dark Socks

Black Shoes

PE Kit

Black Jumper (not hoodie) / Green School Jumper / Cardigan

White T Shirt

Black Shorts

Black Jogging Bottoms


Outdoor Clothing

Spare Shoes and Wellington Boots

Outdoor Clothing

Warm Coat / Fleece

Hat, Scarf, Gloves

Jewellery, Hair and Nail Polish

Children should not wear any jewellery, apart from small stud earrings. They should not wear nail polish, make up, large hair accessories or have shaved patterns or colours in their hair. It is advisable that shoulder length or longer hair is tied back. Any hair accessories should reflect the colours of school uniform: green, grey, black or white.

A water bottle should be brought to school each day.